Arizona Gives Day: April 4

Dear friends and performers,
We need your help to make AZ Gives Day a big financial success for the theater.
I’m organizing a phone bank of actors (and directors and supporters) to call all of the theater’s supporters the night before AZ Gives Day and ask them to donate. I get calls from The Actor’s Gang and I’m always so impressed that they do this and it’s always so cool to hear from an actor whose voice I recognize.
Will you let me know if you can help for a few hours on Monday, April 3? We’ll do the phone bank from 5-8 or so, but even if you can pop in for an hour, we’d appreciate it. We’ll give you a script to work from and you don’t have to memorize it!
And there will be food! FREE FOOD!
We’re planning on some kind of big to-do on April 4 at the theater as well. Right now, I’m thinking it will involve baking cookies for our supporters and handing them out as people are heading home from work. If you have some time in the afternoon of April 4, that would be superb. More details to follow.
We’ve secured a donation of $2,500 as a match for what we raise on AZ Gives Day, so you could help us raise $5,000! Please, please, please!
Here is some information that will be coming out soon in our newsletter:
Give to Theatrikos on Arizona Gives Day!
Arizona Gives Day is a grassroots, statewide day of giving that invites Arizonans to support their favorite causes by visiting and donating either the day of (April 4) or scheduling their gift in advance to be processed on April 4. Hosted by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and
Arizona Grantmakers Forum and presented by FirstBank, Arizona Gives Day has raised over $7.4 million for Arizona nonprofits since its founding in 2013.
For participating nonprofits, Arizona Gives Day offers an opportunity to raise awareness about their work, connect with new donors and win prize money to supplement individual donations. Last year, Arizona nonprofits raised $2.84 million through the generosity of 16,450 donors, with many giving to multiple organizations. The prizes paid out to participating nonprofits totaled $175,000.

When you invest in Theatrikos, you see results! We bring you high-quality and award-winning theater plus a robust youth theater education program. Our theater and actors have won a combined 9 Viola Awards and we have an additional 12 nominations. Our Education Director, Joe Maniglia is the recipient of the 2016 Governor’s Arts Award in Arts Education. Additionally, Theatrikos has a Silver ranking from Guidestar, a widely recognized database of nonprofit financial reporting.

We love and appreciate your support at the box office, but ticket sales account for about half of our annual budget. We make up the rest through individual donations, corporate sponsorship, and grants.

So, please, mark your calendars, bookmark our Arizona Gives Day page, and plan to make a donation to Theatrikos! And please tell all your friends to do so as well!

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