Auditions: The Graduate April 9 and 10

The audition dates are Sun/Mon April 9 and 10 beginning at 6:30 PM each night.  Callbacks, if needed, on Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

Check back for more information.

The Graduate adapted by Terry Johnson, Based on the novel by Charles Webb
June 2-18
Directed by Patricia McKee

This is the first play adaptation of the classic novel and cult film. It premiered in April 2000 at the Gielgud Theatre in London, starring Kathleen Turner as Mrs Robinson. It’s California in the 60s. Benjamin’s got excellent grades, very proud parents and, since he helped Mrs. Robinson with her zipper, a fine future behind him…A cult novel, a classic film, a quintessential hit of the 60s, now Benjamin’s disastrous sexual odyssey is brought vividly to life in this world stage premiere production.

Be prepared to read from the following scenes:

Act One:
Scene 1, Scene 6

Act Two:
Scene 2, Scene 3, Scene 4

Plot Summary: 

Benjamin Braddock, recent college graduate and prodigal son, returns home and promptly becomes embroiled in an affair with the wife of his father’s business partner, one Mrs. Robinson. But Ben soon finds himself falling in love with Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine.

For More Information:
Jermaine Thomas, production intern – 602-875-9060,

Character Breakdown: 

Benjamin Braddock (Male, early 20s) – A recent graduate from a prestigious university. A young intellectual, bored with and critical of his bourgeois life, confused about his about his future.

Mrs. Robinson (Female, early to mid 40s) – Attractive seductress, the wife of Benjamin’s father’s business partner. She is a jaded alcoholic.

Elaine Robinson (Female, early 20s) – The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Wholesome, naïve, hopeful college senior. Obedient. Confused about her feelings for Benjamin.

Mr. Robinson (Male, 40s-50s) – Mrs. Robinson’s husband. In denial about his wife’s alcoholism. Protective father of Elaine. Mr. Braddock’s long-time business partner and friend.

Mr. Braddock/Dad (Male, 40s-50s) – Benjamin’s father. Proud of Ben and excited for his son’s future. Eager for Ben to the point of pushing his son away.

Mrs. Braddock/Mom (Female,  mid-40s) – Benjamin’s mother. Sheltered. A comical worrier. She wants to understand her son, but doesn’t even understand herself.

Stripper (Female, 20s-30s) – Brash but used-up. Although small, this is a very important and demanding role.

Hotel Clerk (30s-50s) – Has seen it all, skeptical of Benjamin.

Psychiatrist – is very short with responses but confident.


***The hotel clerk can double as the priest and the psychiatrist.


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