Auditions: Red by John Logan

Auditions for “Red” by John Logan

Sunday, Sept. 17 or Monday, Sept. 18

6 to 8 pm  (attend one)

11 W Cherry Ave.

Directed by Adrienne Bischoff and Becky Daggett

Production dates Nov. 10-12

Looking for two male actors: Rothko (50s-ish) and Ken (early 20s to early 30s)

Please prepare a monologue for the character for whom you’re auditioning. The monologues and the sides you’ll be asked to read are listed below.

In 1958, Mark Rothko seemingly had it all: his paintings were in the New York Museum of Modern Art and they sold for hefty sums. But as his fame and fortune grew, so did his hatred of the art world. So it was a mystery when he accepted a mural commission for the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan. A symbol of conspicuous wealth and status, the posh restaurant embodied the values Rothko deplored. So why did Rothko take the commission? Some suspected he had sold out. Others heard it was a subversive act to “ruin the appetite” of the restaurant’s patrons. But then just as mysteriously, Rothko gave back the money and kept the paintings. Why did he change his mind? 

The Tony Award-winning play Red explores this unsolved mystery with a series of fictionalized exchanges between Rothko and his apprentice. Academy Award-nominee John Logan writes scorching, witty dialogues between the two artists, both trying to find their place. Red is more than a biographical drama; it’s about the universal struggle between being accepted and being authentic.

These are the links to the pdfs:

RED audition sides- Rothko monologue

RED audition sides- Ken monologue

RED audition sides- pp. 10-11

RED audition sides- pp. 18-19

RED audition sides- pp. 35-36

RED audition sides- pp. 38-39



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