The Artistic Committee is responsible for developing, maintaining, and overseeing procedures which ensure artistic integrity in all that is produced by Theatrikos. These procedures include, but are not limited to: review of all proposals for artistic endeavors, including training opportunities selection of directors for all productions selection of Point Person from the Artistic Committee for each production acting as a mediator between Technical Director and Director overseeing the rehearsal process and offering notes to Director

Artistic Committee

Virginia Brown
Becky Daggett
Nichole Garrison
Mickey Mercer
Ray Michalowski
John Prosper
Jan Rominger, Chair
Linda Sutera
Nancy Wonders

Volunteer Committee
The Theatrikos Volunteer Committee was formed to help streamline the work and time of volunteers.

Bracken Davis, Chair
Annette Fallaha
Mickey Mercer
John Propster
Kendall Purcell
Jeanne Steiner

Fundraising Committee

Armando Bernasconi
Stefano Coaloa
Drew Purcell
Sherry Wood

Facilities Committee/Advisory Board

Stan Sutherland
Al White

Marketing Committee

Becky Daggett
Tracie Hansen
Drew Purcell