Educational outreach is one of the core missions of Theatrikos Theatre Company, and TheatriKIDS is the primary youth education component serving this objective. The program, founded in the summer of 2003, invites children and teens, aged 7-17, to experience and explore the magic of live theatre. Through this comprehensive program, children are instructed in basic acting technique, voice work, dialects, character development and basic stagecraft. Youth acquire skills that translate to daily life off the stage, such as self esteem and public speaking.

An uncertain economic climate has created a need for youth programs, as parents are finding it difficult to pay for extracurricular arts opportunities. Likewise, schools are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain arts programming. Theatrikos provides a year-round continuum of theatre education and performance opportunities for students of traditional public institutions, charter schools and the home-schooled population of Flagstaff, for whom these opportunities are not readily available. We offer scholarship opportunities for low-income families that otherwise may not have the ability to access and experience the arts.

Above and beyond the experience gained onstage and behind the scenes during TheatriKIDS productions, children will build friendships that will last well beyond the end of their camp experience, and will help them find a new sense of self-confidence!

For more information on the TheatriKids program at Theatrikos, please call Education Director Joe Maniglia at (928)774-1662.