50 Years of Theatrikos History with Mickey Mercer

50 Years of Theatrikos History
with Mickey Mercer
Since 1992—30 years

1) How long have you been with Theatrikos? What was your first year?
I started at Theatrikos with a role in The Imaginary Invalid in 1992. It was directed by Doris Harper-White and was where I met Linda and Tony. It was an awesome experience and kept me here these past 30 years.

2) Theatrikos was founded in 1972. How has Theatrikos changed in that time?
Changes? Everything. When I arrived, the theatre was just beginning the process of change. The stage space was a large black box with folding platforms with chairs; lights were done over the balcony rail; few curtains. Now look, a light booth, permanent seats and lots of curtains. The basement was the same, one large space with one room and the restrooms. We hung curtains for changing and make-up was done against the wall with the elevator separating the men and women. There was no green room and the one room (now the shop) was for costumes and what is now the black box was for storage. Again, now look: dressing rooms, green room, a versatile black box, conference room (sort of) plus the restrooms—which have not changed. The business side has also changed—from a part time box office person to a full time executive director. One thing that has not changed (besides the basement restrooms) is the dedication of the volunteers. From day one it became obvious to me that the volunteers at Theatrikos were always working to make the theatre the best theatre possible. That dedication continues to this day.

3) What does Theatrikos mean to the Flagstaff community?
This is a difficult question. I know that we have certainly grown in popularity and awareness since I came. As for “meaning to the community,” I am not sure. We bring an art form to the community and I have heard many audience members commend us for what we are doing as an art form in the community. And if I may boast, my interpretation of that statement and my own opinion is that we are the best theatre in Flagstaff and possibly the best community theatre in the state.