Building Rental

Interested in renting our theater? Call or email Chris Verrill to check on availability. 928-774-1662


Rates for rental of space (2 hour minimum):

MainStage only (not including box office or tech): $100 per hour for regular rentals or $50 for nonprofits and business partners

Tech (lights, sound, and/or projector): $50 per hour
Box office services: $50 per show + ticketing fees

Staff fee: $20 per hour for all staff utilized for event


  • All events require a $100 cleaning/damage deposit per performance, which is due upon confirmation of the event and is refundable if the space is left in the same state in which it was given to the renter. Theatrikos reserves the right to charge more than this amount if damage or cleaning costs exceed $100. This money may be taken from ticket revenue or billed to the organizers of the event.
  • Half of the rental amount is due, via check or cash, upon confirmation of the event, or one month prior to the first rental date, whichever comes later. Failure to pay in this time-frame will lead to cancellation of the rental.
  • If the event is cancelled by the renter, all deposits are forfeited to Theatrikos.
  • Event cannot be advertised until contract is signed and all deposits are paid.
  • The renters will be billed for all of their time using the space, including rehearsals and set-builds. Tech costs will only be charged when the stage lights, projector, or sound system is in use. The tech fee does not include a technician to operate the technical equipment, so all light and sound operators must be supplied and trained by the renter.
  • A staff member is required to be in the building whenever the renter is in the space, as well as two hours prior to ticketed events, and the staff fee is charged to the renter during this time.
  • Ticketing fees are $1 per ticket facilities fee for all tickets sold, and a separate $2 per ticket processing fee for all credit and debit orders. Ticketing fees are added to the ticket price and are collected directly from ticket purchasers.
  • Ticket revenue will be paid to the renter via check no later than seven business days after the event.
  • Promotion and marketing of the event is solely the responsibility of the renter, except in rare profit-splitting cases, when this is divided between both parties.
  • All ticketing must be done solely through the Theatrikos box office, except in the case of events where there is an informal “suggested donation” taken at the door, and this is staffed by someone other than a Theatrikos employee.
  • All tech requirements must be discussed with the Technical Director/Production Associate at least one week prior to the event. Besides use of our existing lights, sound, and projector, all other technical components (DVD players, laptops, etc.) must be supplied by the renter.
  • Any one-time exceptions to these policies must be voted on by the Board of Directors.
  • Theatrikos reserves the right to augment these policies as needed.