Congrats “Angels in Disguise” cast!

We had a fantastic turnout for auditions! Thank you to everyone who attended–we hope it was a good experience for all. If you weren’t cast, and you’re not already a volunteer, please consider getting involved with us. We have so many volunteer opportunities and would love to have you join us. Simply create a profile in our online volunteer scheduling program. Let us know how you’d like to help and we’ll give you a call!

Margot FreckletonBecky Daggett
Joey Freckleton/British SoldierMichael Rulon
Daisy Freckleton/JulietMandy Meilbeck
Brandy Freckleton/Princess LeiaAva Haines
Eliot FreckletonJosie Hebestreit
“Papa T” O’ConnellTony Sutera
Jeffy GossNate Piper
Samantha SebringAmanda DeLano
Benjamin BrikDave Kelly
Leslie BrikAngela Keith
Matthew Brik/RomeoAustin Rae
Chip/German SoldierDaniel Wilson
Ghost of Charles DickensDean Barker