(SHOW POSTPONED) Congrats to the “Matilda” cast!

A big thanks and round of applause to everyone who attended our auditions! We appreciate your time and your talent. If you weren’t cast this time around, we sincerely hope that you’ll plan to audition again and will get involved with us in additional ways if you’re not already. Here’s where you can create a volunteer profile and tell us how you’d like to be involved.

MatildaMelanie Morton & Claire Campbell
TrunchbullShayne Smith
Mr. WormwoodSean Winsor
Mrs. WormwoodAimee Lucus
Miss HoneyAbigail Stokley
Miss PhelpsFranny Gustafson
Michael WormwoodCarson MacPhee
Escapologist/Dr/RudolphoGabriel Hernandez
AcrobatCatalina Minder
SergiJoe Maniglia
Children’s EntertainerWeston Caputo
BruceHarper Bowie
LavenderBrooke Bergeron
NigelJackson Bearden
HortensiaKalista Babbitt
AliceGrace Stone
PoppyEleni Owens
EugenieAbigail Weber
ClementineMacy McCarthy
CookTammy Mielke
Henchman #1Patrick Penland
Henchman #2Aidan Caissie
Big Kid EnsembleCarson MacPhee, Alexandra Figueroa, Madeline Fetzer, Iliana Muscarella, Jorah Coffey, Weston Caputo, Aria Kain
Adult EnsembleHaley Evans, Rian Lemmer, Patrick Penland, Catalina Minder, Franny Gustafson, Tammy Mielke, Aidan Caissie