Flex Passes are now on sale and 2025 season tickets will be on sale on September 15.

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2024 Flex Pass Package includes six vouchers to be used for any of the Main Stage performances; in any combination. For example, use one ticket for each of the six Main Stage performances or use two tickets for three performances or use all six tickets for one performance.

One flat fee will be charged per package versus a per ticket fee providing you even more value!

With a Flex Pass Package, ticket holders must first choose the performance they wish to attend. Next, they must call the Box Office at 928-774-1662 or email a reservation request to theatre@theatrikos.com to exchange the appropriate number of Flex Pass vouchers to reserve your seats. A confirmation email will be sent to the address on file. Ticket holders should bring a ticket for each seat they reserved to the theater at the time of the performance.