12 Angry Jurors

Performance Date(s): Jan 28, 2022 – Feb 13, 2022

Sherman L Sergel

Emmy award winning 12 Angry Jurors, an American stage masterpiece, is the penetrating and engrossing examination of the deep-seated cultural differences, prejudices, indifference, anger, ignorance and fears that threaten to taint the human spirit.  And, in this case, potentially lead to a miscarriage of justice.  Juror #8, voted one of the greatest heroes of literature, slowly convinces the other jurors that following their true moral compass and doing the right thing, while frequently difficult, is ultimately what embodies the best of humanity.

By purchasing tickets for this show, I confirm that at the time of the show I have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 (14 days past final vaccination shot), and will provide proof of vaccination prior to entering Doris Harper-White Playhouse.  We advise you to arrive at the theatre a few minutes earlier than usual to account for this check-in process.