Big Rad Wolf

Performance Date(s): Sep 30, 2017 – Sep 30, 2017

Ever think the wolf has gotten a bad rap? Youth in our summer camp wrote their own folktales wherein the wolf is not the bad guy but the hero, and they’d love to share it with you!

In addition to watching our funny and informative program about wolves, let us bring YOU onstage! We’ll use games, songs and theater activities to help create something no one has ever seen! Creativity is a beautiful thing and needs to be shared, played with, and enjoyed! Join us for a fun afternoon where children of ALL ages (5-105) can learn something new! Free!

We’re proud and delighted to be a part of this year’s Flagstaff Festival of Science!

This workshop was developed through a partnership with the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project. Their mascot, “Wolfie” will be in the lobby before and after the workshop!