Border Voices/Voces Fronterizas

Performance Date(s): Dec 4, 2018 – Dec 5, 2018

Robert Neustadt

Border Voices, by Robert Neustadt, combines a series of interwoven voices, stories and experiences that revolve around migration, borders, walls and the militarization of the U.S. / Mexico borderlands. Multiple narratives spiral around these themes—sometimes recurring and other times disappearing without resolution, as do many lives on the border.

Both performances begin at 7:30 p.m.


Some of the voices in this play are based on real people, others are fictional characters; some of the characters’ lines are quoted verbatim from testimonials, others are projected through a fictional lens. In recurrent sections the script re-creates scenes from Samuel Beckett’s classic play, Waiting for Godot, adapting the dialogue to the absurd limbo endured by migrants on the border. Border Voices gives voice to the U.S. / Mexico border and to the multiple perspectives projected from and onto this contested, highly controversial line. The play migrates cyclically between fiction and documentary, it strives to inform and to entertain, to irritate and to anger, to elicit laughter and tears, and ultimately, to raise thought and awareness about the humanitarian disasters taking place on borders throughout the world. The actors are Masters students from Northern Arizona University who took a trip to the U.S./Mexico border while preparing the play in order to better understand and assimilate the issues that they are presenting.

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