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The Foreigner

Performance Date(s): May 20, 2022 – Jun 5, 2022

Larry Shue

When everyone in the lodge thinks that a stranger doesn’t understand a word of English, some devious characters speak freely around him and he learns some dark secrets.  A hilarious comedy based on a devilishly clever idea. **Masks must be worn at all times and may not be removed until you are outside in the […]


What Did We Do Wrong?

Performance Date(s): Jul 14, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

Henry Denker

A staged reading.  One night only.  This was Theatrikos’ very first show on July 14, 1972.  With a brief Broadway run, The New York Post called this show “a highly amusing comedy.”  But that was more than 50 years ago and, alas, this show has not withstood the test of time.  That said, it still provides some insight […]



Performance Date(s): Jul 22, 2022 – Aug 14, 2022

Dan Goggin

Disaster strikes rather hilariously at the Little Sisters of Hoboken where the cook has accidentally poisoned most of the parish. Only five sisters remain, and with the health inspector on the way, the sisters devise a crazy plan to pay for the burials.  A laugh-filled musical tour-de-force. **Masks must be worn at all times and […]


The Cemetery Club

Performance Date(s): Oct 7, 2022 – Oct 23, 2022

Ivan Menchel

Can a widow find love again—at the same graveyard where her husband rests?  In this warm and poignant romantic comedy three lifelong friends meet once a month for tea before going visiting their husbands’ graves.  When they meet a man while he’s visiting his late wife’s grave, their little club may be changed forever.  An […]


Miracle on 34th Street

Performance Date(s): Nov 25, 2022 – Dec 18, 2022

Valentine Davies

When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer defends him by arguing in court he is the real thing—thus exemplifying the true magic of the season. **Masks must be worn at all times and may not be removed until you are outside in the parking […]