Volunteers needed!

Our theatre is fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers! Are you nervous about signing up because you don’t yet know anyone? Here’s feedback we received from a brand new volunteer!

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your warmth and welcome to Flagstaff and into the Theatrikos fold. I’ve just been overwhelmed by the inclusion I’ve felt from this entire cast and crew, even those of you with whom I’ve not shared scenes or worked with directly. It has been a truly inspiring experience. Thank you for your hospitality to this stranger.
If your attitude is typical of the organization’s ethos, I truly look forward to diving into many future productions at Theatrikos.

Dean Barker

Our volunteers are scheduled through an online database. You submit your contact information and tell us what you’d like to do. You don’t need to have experience, just sign up and we’ll make sure you’re trained and feel welcomed! When we are in need of the help you’ve indicated you’d like to lend, we’ll email you!

Here are just a few of the areas where you could make a huge impact!

  • Event Liaison
  • Gallery/First Friday Coordinator
  • Downtown Merchants Liaison
  • Beautification Team Members
  • Sales Rep
  • Grant Writer
  • Scholarships Assistant
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Lighting/Sound Technician
  • and Actor!