Announcing The Best Christmas Ever cast!

Thank you to all the actors who attended our auditions. We appreciate your time!

If you weren’t cast, please consider getting involved in the theater in some other way. If you haven’t already, please create an account in our volunteer scheduler and see all the opportunities we have for volunteers!

Beth Bradley Ava Haines
Imogene Herdman Ava Anderfuren
Gladys Herdman Josie Hebestreit
Alice Sloane Lindstrom
Maxine Eva Wilke
Beverly Ellerie Anderfuren
Doris Cate O’Bryant
Shirley Jasmine Rutledge
Juanita Josephine Drios
Janet Chloe Ulloa
Roberta Annelise Cole
Angel Paige Olson
Charlie Bradley Harper Bowie
Ralph Herdman Noah Bessler
Leroy Herdman Benjamin Garippa
Claude Herdman Nate Priem
Ollie Herdman Callum Anderfuren
Elmer Ryan Overton
David Jackson O’Bryant
Shepherd Everest Aslan
Shepherd Bennett Cole
Grace Bradley Molly Parafiniuk
Mrs. McCarthy Suzanne Casale
Mrs. Armstrong Karen Raskin-Young
Mrs. Slocum & Firefighter Jasmine Anderson
Bob Bradley Jacob Parafiniuk
Rev Hopkins Selden Wasson
Mrs. Clark Mary Hafner
Firefighter Audrey Young