We are thrilled to announce that “Avenue Q” is a finalist for a Viola Award in Excellence in the Performing Arts! Those of you who saw this production can attest to the overall quality of the show as well as the skill demonstrated by John Propster and Jan Rominger in directing outstanding performances (acting, dancing, singing, puppetry) from each and every actor. Each cast member gave an outstanding performance and contributed to this fabulous ensemble production! Bravo to our directors, stage manager Shari Snodgrass, assistant stage manager Steve King, and the cast: Madison Butler, Nick Dietz, Chrissy Doba, Weston Duhamel, Frank Furtado, Kelsey Hontz, Sarah Kelley, Brock LaPlume, Joe Maniglia, Zachary Mauck, Stephen Root, Esther Smith, Abigail Stokley, and Dennis Verret!
You really don’t want to miss this event. It is THE party of the year in Flagstaff. The date is March 3, 2018 and tickets are not available at the door. It always sells out and you better get your tickets!   
We would also like to recognize Daniel Stigmon for his place as a finalist in the Emerging Artist category. Daniel is recognized for writing and composing a full musical production. “Average Joe” included more than 20 original songs and 1200 pages of orchestrations and was performed by high school students throughout Flagstaff at our theater and was our first-ever TheatriKids “studio series” show. Daniel was involved in every aspect of the production, from casting right on through performance–including performing himself!
We applaud each and every artist, scientist, teacher, and organization who was nominated by the community and each and every finalist who made it through the undoubtedly grueling finalist selection process. To create art is to be successful–to be recognized for your work is a beautiful bonus!

Director Jan Rominger helps dress a puppet

Director John Propster paints the set