Theatrikids 2022 Performance Workshop Registration (Be More Chill)

Performance Date(s): Aug 22, 2022 – Aug 23, 2022

Enrollment/Auditions week of August 22 & 23, 2022

Rehearsal schedule handed out August 22nd

Performances: October 28th – November 6th

Ages 14-18 years old

Be More Chill is about an unpopular high school student named Jeremy Heere who is considered a loser by his peers. As a result of his unpopularity, Jeremy takes the SQUIP (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor), a supercomputer in the form of a pill that travels to his brain upon ingestion, which radically transforms Jeremy’s behavior and social status by giving him advice on how to be cool.



Early bird rate before August 15, 2022 : $225

Regular rate after August 15, 2022: $250

A $6 proecessing fee will be added to the total.

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Vaccine Safety Protocol

As per the board’s decision, effective with Monday’s auditions for TheatriKids’ Be More Chill performance workshop, Theatrikos will not require vaccination for TheatriKids programs; specifically, Be More Chill and Stage Buddies Cinderella.

  1. Proof of vaccination is still required for cast and crew of all main stage and studio series productions.
  2. For TheatriKids, where masks had been optional during rehearsals, masks are now required All cast and crew of TheatriKids Be More Chill and Stage Buddies Cinderella are required to wear masks throughout rehearsals.
  3. TheatriKids student actors who are not vaccinated will need to provide three negative covid tests.  1) Before first rehearsal, 2) midway through rehearsal, and 3) at the start of production week.
  4. If a student tests positive, as per CDC guidelines, they must quarantine for five days.
  5. If a student tests positive, thenall other members of the TheatriKids cast and crew must test.  Those who test negative, may return to rehearsal.  Those who test positive, may not come to rehearsals or performances for five days.

This decision is technically a “trial run” just for Be More Chill.  With stage buddies having special issues.  We will, as always, keep evaluating on an ongoing basis.  The most important reevaluation will take place at the October board meeting before Laramie Project auditions in early November.