Theatrikos Culture Statement

The board of directors spearheaded a collaborative exercise with the theater’s employees, volunteers, patrons, donors and friends to formally define the theater’s organizational culture. Through a series of surveys, conversations and displays, we collected hundreds of sentiments about how we collectively define the values of Theatrikos Theatre.

The honest and creative feedback we received about what the theater is and should be resulted in a powerful statement that we believe reflects and drives our values, norms, beliefs and habits. The resulting word cloud highlights the most prevalent themes we encountered during our discovery, including “community,” “talent,” “fun,” “quality” and “home.”

Thanks to all who helped in this exercise, our organizational culture is a wonderful reflection of our shared vision:

Theatrikos Culture Statement

Theatrikos strives to be a leading arts organization in northern Arizona, offering high-quality live theatrical productions and educational opportunities and using a diverse base of writing and production talent who represent and reflect the community at large. We take pride in fostering a culture where…

All are welcome.
“Community” is the very heart of Theatrikos, and we are committed to inclusivity, diversity, and civility. We develop and draw from our local talent and have a place for all who want to be involved in community theater.

Quality matters.
We have a passion for creative collaboration, artistic growth and exploration, and working hard toward the common goal of producing the highest quality live theatrical productions that entertain and engage audiences. We are committed to providing opportunities for youth and adults to develop talents in all aspects of theater arts.

We care.
Through our words and actions, we consistently demonstrate how we value, celebrate, encourage, and support our employees, volunteers, patrons, donors, and friends.

We have fun!
We believe in enjoying the work we do and the people we work with, and we celebrate the difference we make in our community.