Auditions! Angels in Disguise

Directed by Ginny Brown and Linda Sutera
Premiere of this new play written by Warren Doody

Since this is an original, unpublished play we will not be putting this script on the website.

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Freckletons are about to celebrate their tenth Christmas in southern California. A relatively routine holiday celebration turns into utter chaos in this modern, comedic, and family-friendly spin on “the Christmas play,” weaving in social media, romance, the solstice, Hanukkah, and the need to put our differences aside to fully appreciate the gift of the holiday season.

Auditions: Sunday and Monday, Oct. 6 and 7, promptly at 6:30 p.m. Please arrive a bit early to fill out audition forms.

Casting for 12 roles
* 6 men ages 18-70
* 4 women ages 18-70
* 2 children ages 6-15

Performances: December 6-22, 2019

Callbacks: Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 6:30 p.m. by invitation only.


MARGOT FRECKLETON: 40s. Matriarch of the family and a high school drama teacher. She is upbeat, energetic, possessed of a goofy charm, and loves Christmas for its rituals and its potential to bring family together in a meaningful way. She does have a temper, if pushed, but tends to be more of a bridge-builder than anything else.

JOEY FRECKLETON: 40s-50s. Patriarch of the family and English professor by trade. He is smart, stubborn, temperamental, and grouchy about all things Christmas. Fancies himself a wordsmith, which he certainly can be, and he is also capable of holding a grudge forever. More of a curmudgeon than he will admit.

BRANDY FRECKLETON: 12 years old. She is still young, but on the cusp of her teen years, bringing a mix of childlike innocence and street wisdom to every scene and situation. She is also smarter than your average twelve-year-old – literate and logical. Although still technically a pre-teen, she exhibits all of the traits and knee jerk sarcasm that teenagers exhibit.

ELIOT FRECKLETON: 6 years old. Like his older sister, Eliot has the intelligence of someone much older. He is still a child, though, and despite an advanced vocabulary, retains a child-like view and awe of the world. He is named after T.S. Eliot because Joey believes the modern world has become a wasteland, and it is up to the younger generation to set things right.

DAISY FRECKLETON: 19 years old. An aspiring actor, who is currently enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is, in fact, a bit of a “drama queen,” prone to moodiness and hyperbole. She is also, in keeping with her family ties, quick with her tongue and mind, and no shrinking violet, by any means. 

PAPA T: 70s. Margot’s Dad and the grandfather to Brandy, Eliot, Daisy and Jeffy. He is a former and recently retired Broadway (and Off-Broadway) actor, who is in the early stages of dementia. He now has what the doctors refer to as “episodes,” breaks from reality, that Papa T claims are “visions,” offering him insight into the future. 

JEFFY GOSS: 20s. Margot’s nephew (or “neff”). He is an aspiring actor, who is en route to Hollywood/Los Angeles to pursue a career in standup. He and his partner, Sam, do not celebrate Christmas; they are “transcendentalists,” who celebrate the winter solstice. Long hair parted in the middle, he doesn’t believe in shoes, so he goes barefoot most of the time.

SAMANTHA SEBRING: 20s. Jeffy’s partner. An aspiring singer-songwriter, she has just cut her first “album,” although she is still looking for a producer. Like Jeffy, she is a transcendentalist, who celebrates the winter solstice. She also shares his disbelief in shoes, so she, too, is barefoot most of the time. She is dressed in “hippie garb” – tie-dye, et al.

BENJAMIN BRIK: 50s. Lawyer. Possessed of a razor-sharp intellect, he is the “Joey” of his family – smart, sour and sarcastic – and the opposite of what his name, “Brik,” implies. His intellect is imposing, as he can quote the Old Testament as easily as the U.S. Constitution, depending on the situation. His first thought in most adverse situations is to fight and, possibly, sue the opposing party.   

LESLIE BRIK: 40-50s. Irish-Catholic. A bit of a lush. Provides a lot of comic relief, and acts as a foil to her husband. Though often “under the influence,” she is, nevertheless, a worthy mate for him, as she can often beat him to the quick with one-liners and counter-arguments, evidence of a sharp mind and keen sense of irony.

MATTHEW BRIK: 19. The only son of Ben and Leslie. Like Daisy, he is an aspiring actor, who attends the same school – The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. They are long-time friends, who have been harmed by the bad relations between the two families. Matthew is respectful of his parents, but is also capable of defiance, when backed in a corner.

CHIP: 20s-30s. Surfer from New Jersey, working as a delivery driver for Vito’s Pizza Parlor because the hours and tips suit his lifestyle.


JOEY plays CHARLES DICKENS: Pompous and arrogant, but he’s earned both traits. British accent.

JEFFY plays BRITISH SOLDIER: World War I soldier engaged in trench warfare.

CHIP plays GERMAN SOLDIER: World War I soldier engaged in trench warfare.

BRANDY plays PRINCESS LEIA: From a galaxy far, far away. 

MATTHEW plays ROMEO: A hopeless romantic.

DAISY plays JULIET: Like her counterpart, a hopeless romantic.