Theatrikos drops vaccine mandate for audiences on Fridays and Saturdays. Keeps cautious safety protocols for Sunday matinees.

Broadway League recently dropped their vaccine mandate for audiences. Theatrikos board of directors decided to follow their lead. So, effective with Foreigner, Theatrikos will no longer require vaccination for audiences on Friday and Saturday night performances.

All of our cautious safety protocols will remain in effect for Sunday matinees: vaccine requirement, masks, social distancing, closed concessions.

Broadway is keeping their mask requirement for audiences through May 31 at least. Theatrikos will also keep our mask requirement at least through that time; closing of Foreigner.

At the March meeting, the board decided to no longer have social distancing on Fridays and Saturdays. We will have concessions and opening night receptions. Masks, while still required, will be used when not eating or drinking.

We still require all cast and crew and TheatriKids student actors to be vaccinated.

Safety of our cast and crew and audience and Flagstaff community is our priority. We’re not out of this yet. Hopefully the latest Omicron subvariant stays at bay. Our thanks to everyone for their patience with these perpetually changing safety protocols. As always, the board will evaluate again at the next meeting.