Theatrikos Goes Dark for at least eight weeks

Dear Theatrikos Patrons and Flagstaff Families,

The spirit of Broadway is strong in Theatrikos. The drive to make sure that the show goes on is at the very core of who we are. But more powerful than that is a love of our neighbors and our Flagstaff home. And it is with that love in mind that Theatrikos will be going dark for the next eight weeks. Longer if necessary.

With the health and safety of our cast and crew and patrons and the entire Flagstaff community in mind, Theatrikos is following Center for Disease Control recommendations.  

This means our production of the big musical Matilda will not open on March 27 as planned. Whether it is completely cancelled or postponed, we have not yet figured out. TheatriKids educational production of Seussical will also not happen in April.

Financially, postponing or canceling our biggest show of the year will be a big blow to Theatrikos. Like arts organizations around the country and around Flagstaff, if you have bought a ticket, we’re asking that you donate that ticket purchase to the theatre.  I know I have already personally done so with another theatre ticket I had purchased in Flagstaff. As arts organizations struggle through this, your generosity is appreciated.

This will throw a huge wrench into our carefully planned 2020 season. Accounting for this will, like dominos, create other problems that we’ll have to plan for.  We don’t yet have answers.  But the cast and crew of your local hometown theatre is already at work doing our best to keep the community safe and figure out how to navigate the new world we live in.

On a personal note, I happen to know based on last year’s industrial accident at the theatre, that the passion and hard work of the cast and crew of Theatrikos and the helpfulness of the community, that there is an amazing spirit of kindness and goodwill in Flagstaff and together, we will get through this.  

Even if it takes a while—the show will go on.

Chris Verrill
Executive Director