This is What You Said!

We engaged Northern Arizona University Professor Fred Solop, Department of Politics & International Affairs, and students enrolled in POS 303, Social Science Research Methods to conduct a survey of our patrons. Here’s what you said!

In all, 626 patrons completed the patron survey.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is so important to us!

Here are some of the main points from the executive summary:

  • Patrons referenced more than 100 different plays when asked to name the best play they’ve seen at Theatrikos. In order of importance, the best shows are remembered for quality of acting (72%), the type of play (48%), themes and issues raised (36%), and the quality of set (27%).
  • Patrons prefer seeing a wide variety of plays. While 84% of patrons said they like comedies, half of respondents said they like musicals (53%), and dramas (51%). Mysteries are preferred by 42% of patrons, and about a third of patrons enjoy classical plays (35%) and modern/new plays (33%).
  • Almost all patrons (92%) say their experience at Theatrikos has been positive. Seven percent of patrons give a neutral rating to Theatrikos, and 1% of patrons identify their experience as negative. Positive experiences are intricately linked to performance quality and enjoyment of the venue. Ninety-five percent of patrons say they would recommend Theatrikos to a friend interested in seeing theater in Flagstaff.
  • When asked how their experience with Theatrikos can be improved, patrons said upgrade the quality of seating; enhance building quality; and, increase the variety of plays performed.
  • Patrons were asked to rate six different features of Theatrikos. All six features received positive ratings. The highest rated feature was friendliness of staff, followed by performance quality, and ease of arriving and being seated. Continuing in order of rating received, patrons positively rated the ease of buying tickets and quality of sets. While still positive, intermission food and snacks received the lowest rating.
  • Patrons were asked how they stay informed about artistic performances in Flagstaff. The first tier of responses to this question include word of mouth (43%), email (41%), the Daily Sun newspaper (38%), and social media (37%).

Since 95% of patrons said they would recommend Theatrikos to a friend and 43% said that they hear about shows through word of mouth, make sure you tell a friend today!