Update on remodeling and need for storage

After months and months of work, we submitted the architect’s plans for our reconfigured basement to the city. Another milestone in our progress moving forward since our accident.

A huge thanks to volunteer architect Paul Moore who navigated a byzantine maze of bureaucracy and building codes to get us this far. Download our preliminary plans below.

This is a strong step forward. We still have a long, long way to go to finish our lease and reconstruction issues. But this was a good morning for theatre on Cherry Ave.

Theatrikos is looking for a storage basement.

Our props and costumes are cleaned and sanitized and, after nine months, arrived back from Phoenix this week. Now where do we put them? They’re currently in the school across the street. But that’s only temporary. We need to find a donated permanent storage place for them. If you know of an unused basement or unoccupied warehouse or other facility, about 1,000 sq ft, please let us know.