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Event Date(s): Sep 9, 2022 – Sep 11, 2022

of Theatrikos
and Doris Harper-White Playhouse

Elks Lodge 1923—1934
Laying the cornerstone of what was to become Doris Harper-White Playhouse, which was originally built as the Elks Lodge. In the photo, it’s the Elks doing the hard work and speechifying. This photo shows the south side of the building on July 1, 1923. The 1923 Elks Lodge cornerstone can still be seen today.

Dance Hall / Furniture Warehouse 1934-1945
According to The Daily Sun, in the depression and leading up to WWII, the theatre “was popularly known as ‘the dance hall,’ and was a popular entertainment site.” Thus sowing the seeds for what the theatre would eventually become. Historical fire insurance maps also show it labeled as a Furniture Warehouse.

AFL Union Hall 1945—1970
Before it was the AFL-CIO, the Flagstaff AFL headquarters was in what is now DWH Playhouse. This picture, courtesy the Fronske Collection at NAU Cline Library, is the front entrance on the northwest corner in 1958.

Theatrikos 1972—Present
Daily Sun article about the founding of Theatrikos. The article dated 7/13/72 talks about tomorrow’s opening on 7/14/72. Theatrikos’ very first show, which had just the year before run on Broadway, was What Did We Do Wrong? The article says, “When it was first produced in N.Y., the play drew rave reviews.” Director Mary Sides says the show marks the debut of Theatrikos, “the year-around theatre group.”

What Did We Do Wrong?
Program from Theatrikos’ first show What Did We Do Wrong? Apparently, we did things right. Because decades later, we’re still going strong. This is the program from that first show which was performed at Coconino High School.

Flagstaff Public Library
After an extensive citywide evaluation of various available buildings, the public library moved in; 1972—1987. The library quickly outgrew the location and moved to its present site. Theatrikos moved in in 1988. This picture was 2/7/90.

Theatrikos Finds New Home
“Community theater organization finds new home in city building,” says 10/13/88 Lumberjack headline.

A Dream Come True
“Theatrikos’ new home a dream come true,” says 10/21/88 Daily Sun headline. After 16 years of performing at 11 different venues around Flagstaff, Theatrikos moves to the former library at 11 W Cherry Avenue. Doris Harper-White, seen here directing Rimers of Eldritch, our first show at the new theatre.

Flagstaff History
“Thanks so much for including Theatrikos in your Flagstaff history,” Doris Harper-White said in a hand written note to Platt Cline.

Organization of the Year
Theatrikos designated Organization of the Year by the Citizen of the Year Committee. The proclamation said, “This outstanding organization that has so generously contributed to the highest ideals of public service.”

Doris Harper-White Playhouse
On 7/13/02, on the 30th anniversary of Theatrikos, cast and crew named the playhouse in honor of Doris Harper-White, a former Flagstaff Citizen of the Year, a driving force in the founding of Theatrikos and a 32-year Flagstaff theatre veteran.

TheatriKids Launched
Education programs are a vital part of Theatrikos’ mission. TheatriKids continues to teach students in not just theatre, but life skills they’ll carry with them forever.

Theatrikos Turns 50
Over 200 shows later, “Theatrikos celebrates 50th anniversary,” says headline in 1/30/22 Arizona Daily Sun. “We are humbled to stand on the shoulders of our founders, build on their successes, and continue to move Theatrikos forward for another 50 years,” said Theatrikos executive director Chris Verrill.

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