50 Years of Theatrikos History with Virginia Brown

50 Years of Theatrikos History
with Virginia Brown
Since 1994—28 years

1) How long have you been with Theatrikos? What was your first year?
I have been with Theatrikos since 1994, when I played Viola in Twelfth Night.

2) Theatrikos was founded in 1972. How has Theatrikos changed in that time?
Theatrikos has grown considerably since that time. Originally, the theater relied on a core group to stage its plays, and many of those people stayed for years. In recent years, there’s been more fluidity, but there is also more opportunity for newcomers and vets alike.

3) What does Theatrikos mean to the Flagstaff community?
Theatrikos provides an opportunity for its volunteers to create art, as well as opening its doors to the community to participate in live theater. It is also an excellent way for its volunteers to make friendships and collaborate with others.